Asbestos surveys and air testing air testing in London and around the M25

Lambeth Scientific Services has a wide range of clients including local authorities, the MOD, hospitals, private individuals, and schools. At Lambeth Scientific Services Ltd, we have many years of experience in all types of asbestos surveys and taking single or bulk samples for identification of asbestos contents and reports for all types of commercial and domestic buildings. We also have extensive experience in carrying out all types of air testing for asbestos following its removal. We have been a UKAS accredited laboratory for asbestos air testing since March 1995. Our mobile laboratory is equipped with facilities to deliver efficient and quality service on site.


If you need a thorough asbestos survey for your commercial or domestic property in London or nationwide, get in touch with our team today.


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Our asbestos surveys include:

  • Surveys to establish the presence of asbestos in the building fabric or lagging composition applied to plant work and/or plant items

  • Advice on preparation of full specification of working methods to be adopted by asbestos removal contractors

  • Measurement of airborne asbestos fibres using the membrane filter method in occupied industrial or domestic premises as and when necessary during survey (Reassurance testing)


Our asbestos air testing services include:

The range of air tests carried out are Leak, Background, Personal, Reassurance and 4-Stage Clearance.


  • Integrity testing of enclosure formed to contain asbestos removal work (Leak testing)

  • Measurement of airborne asbestos fibres using the membrane filter method in occupied industrial or domestic premises for occurrences of asbestos disturbance or following removal of non-licensable asbestos products (Reassurance testing)

  • Detailed visual examination of various stages starting from setting up decontamination unit, air testing in the enclosure on completion of asbestos removal to de-sheeting of enclosures to ensure that satisfactory decontamination procedures have been effected (4-Stage Clearance)

  • Airborne asbestos fibres are counted using phase contrast optical microscopy based on the World Health Organisation counting rules

  • The Laboratory Counting Exchange (RICE) since its inception

  • Lambeth Scientific Services Ltd has attained ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation for asbestos fibre counting procedures.

It is important that asbestos removal is carried out according to regulations due to the severe health risk associated with it. Lambeth Scientific Services' experienced analysts/consultants are on site to ensure good quality service is carried out at all times by the removal contractors.